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Rybka is a UCI chess engine programmed by International Master Vasik Rajlich

Noomen big and short line test suites
Our opening book author Jeroen Noomen merged all his test suites to create a really big one. He also created a short line test suite with 100 positions to let the engines play the opening.

Noomen BIG test suite
Noomen short lines test suite
Rybka Cluster

Latest Reports / Tournament Participations / Man vs. Machine Matches
2012-03-13 Rybka wins the ICT 12 in Leiden, the Netherlands, with 6.5/7 ahead of Critter (5.5) and Pandix (4.5).
Opening report by Jiri
2010-11-29 Rybka wins the 30th Dutch Computer Chess Championship in Leiden, the Netherlands, with 8.5/9 ahead of Spike, Deep Sjeng and Hiarcs, who all finished in a three-way tie for second.
Report by Vas | Opening report by Jiri
2010-10-01 Rybka wins the 18th World Computer Chess Championship in Kanazawa, Japan, with 8/9 ahead of Rondo and Thinker (both 6.5/9). The blitz tournament was also won by Rybka with 8/9.
Report by Vas | Diary by Hans (with photos) | Opening report by Jiri

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